The Legendary Sun Records Story Vol.2

Cd 1 :
1.Billy Riley – Red Hot
2.Jerry Lee Lewis – Mean Woman Blues
3.Roy Orbison – You’re My Baby
4.Carl Perkins – Honey Don’t
5.Jean Chapel – I Won’t Be Rockin’ Tonight
6.Sonny Burgess – My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It
7.Charlie Rich – Stay
8.Johnny Cash – Big River
9.Bill Pinky & The Turks – After The op
10.Carl Mann – Ubangi Stomp
11.Ray Smith – Rockin’ Bandit
12.Cliff & Barbara Thomas – Treat Me Right
13.Warren Smith – Sweet, Sweet Girl
14.Onie Wheeler – Walkin’ Shoes
15.Bill Justis – College Man
16.Slim Rhodes – Gonna Romp & Stomp
17.Carl Perkins – Boppin’ The Blues (alt.take)
18.Billy The Kid Emerson – Move, Baby Move
19.The Million Dollar Quartet – That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
20.Jerry Lee Lewis – Jailhouse Rock

Cd 2 :
1.Carl Perkins – Your True Love
2.Johnny Cash – Ballad Of A teenage Queen (alt.take)
3.Cliff & Barbara Thomas – Jumpin’ Jack
4.Ray Smith – You Made A Hit
5.Jerry Lee Lewis – Lovin’ Up A Storm (alt.take)
6.Warren Smith – Uranium Rock
7.Hayden Thompson – Rockabilly Gal
8.Rufus Thomas – Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)
9.The Million Dollar Quartet – Softly And tenderly
10.Billy Riley – Wouldn’t You Know
11.Ed Bruce – Sweet Woman
12.Gene Simmons – Drinkin’ Wine
13.Barbara Pittman – I Need A Man
14.Charlie Rich – Sittin’ And Thinkin’
15.Carl Mann – Look At That Moon
16.Rosco Gordon – Shoobie Oobie
17.Jerry Lee Lewis – I’m Feelin’ Sorry
18.Johnny Cash – Oh Lonesome Me
19.Malcolm Yelvington – It’s Me Baby
20.Sonny Burgess – Sadie’s Back In Town

Cd 3:
1.Warren Smith – Miss Froggie
2.Carl Perkins – Pink Pedal Pushers (alt.take)
3.Sonny Burgess – Restless
4.The Million Dolla Quartet – Just A Little Talk With Jesus
5.Johnny Cash – Straight ‘A’s In Love
6.Billy Riley – Pearly Lee
7.Thomas Wayne – Tragedy
8.Bill Johnson – You Better Dig It
9.Roy Orbison – Sweet And Easy To Love
10.The Kirby Sisters – Red Velvet
11.Ray Smith – Hey Boss Man
12.Dane Stinit – Muddy Ole River
13.Jerry Lee Lewis – Little Queenie
14.Jimmy Isle – Without A Love
15.Charlie Rich – Whirlwind
16.Mack Owen – Walkin’ And Talkin’
17.Rayburn Anthony – Hambone
18.Little Junior’s Blue Flames – Love My Baby
19.The Jesters – Night Train From Chicago
20.Carl Mann – I’m Comin’ Home

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