The Highwaymen - Cash / Jennings / Kristofferson / Nelson

1.Johnny Cash – Highwayman
2.Willie Nelson – On The Road Again
3.Waylon Jennings – Abilene
4.Kris Kristofferson – Jesse Younger
5.Johnny Cash – Big River
6.Waylon Jennings – Lorena
7.Willie Nelson – LuckenBach, Texas
8.Kris Kristofferson – Casey’s Last Ride
9.Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire
10.Willie Nelson – Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
11.Waylon Jennings – Sally Was A Good Girl
12.Kris Kristofferson – Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight
13.Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down
14.Willie Nelson – Seven Spanish Angels
15.Waylon Jennings – White Lightening
16.Kris Kristofferson – Jesus Was A Capricorn
17.Willie Nelson – Undo The Right
18.Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
19.Willie Nelson – Good Hearted Woman
20.Waylon Jennings – Big Mamou
21.Kris Kristofferson – Just The Other Side Of Nowhere
22.Waylon Jennings – Love’s Gonna Live Here
23.Johnny Cash – City Of New Orleans
24.Kris Kristofferson – Sugar Man
25.Willie Nelson – Red-Headed Stranger
26.Waylon Jennings – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

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