Texas Blues Greatest Electric Blues

1.T-Bone Walker – She’s My Old Time Used To Be
2.Clarence Samuels – She Walk, She Walk, She Walk
3.Percy Mayfield – Gone Astray
4.Lester Williams – Wintertime Blues
5.Joe Papoose Fritz – I’m A Stepper
6.Lou nn Barton – Young And Dumb
7.King Ivory – You Don’t Love Me No More
8.Juke Boy Bonner – Life’s Highway
9.Lighnin’ Hopkins – Stinkin’ Foot
10.Johnny Winter – Sloppy Drunk Blues
11.Henry Hayes – Picking My Baby’s Bones
12.Johnny Copeland – Travelling Man Blues
13.Albert Collins – The Freeze
14.Peppermint Harris – Penthouse In The Ghetto
15.Ted Hawley & Juke Boy Bonner – Trying To Keep It All Together
16.James Bolden – Deep Blue
17.Joey Long – Shove It Up Your Head
18.Mr Brown – Ain’t Got Much
19.Royal Earl – Talking Guitar
20.Chris Holzhaus – Long Sad Letters

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