Texas Blues Greatest Boogie Blues

1.Albert Collins – Collins Shuffle
2.Coree Carter – My Best Bet
3.Hubert Robinson – Boogie The Joint
4.Lonnie Lyons – Sneaky Joe
5.Joe Fritz – I’m A Stepper
6.Henry Hayes – Hayes’ Boogie
7.Sideways Sumlin – The Freeze
8.Clarence Samuels – Low Top Inn
9.Clark Campbell – Gettin’ High
10.L.C.Williams – Jelly Roll
11.Sammy Harris – Fatso
12.D.C.Bender – Boogie Children
13.Clarence Bon Ton Garlow – I’m In A Boogie Mood
14.Lightnin’ Hopkins – How Does It
15.Conne McBrooker – Shout Baby Shout
16.Sonny Boy Franklin Orchestra – Merry Go Round
17.Fats Mizzel – Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
18.Clarence Candy Green – Green’s Bounce
19.Lightnin’ Hopkins – Pine Gum Boogie
20.Conrad Johnson – Fly Chick Bounce

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