Snape feat. Alexis Kprner & Peter Thorup - Accidentally Born In New Orleans

Cd 1 : 1972
1.Gospel Ship
2.One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
3.Sweet Symphaty
4.Rock Me
5.Don’t Change On Me
6.You Got The Power (To Turn Me On)
7.Lo And Behold
8.Country Shoes
9.I Don’t Know
10.You Got The Power (To Turn Me On)(BBC Session)
11.Honey Don’t You Change On Me (BBC)
12.Looking For Fun (BBC)
13.Rock Me (BBC)
14.Lo And Behold (BBC)
15.Gospel Ship (BBC)

Cd 2 : Live In Germany 1973
1.Going Down
2.Early In The Morning
3.You Got The Power (To Turn Me On)
5.Rock Me Baby
6.These Kind Of Blues
7.The Night Time Is The Right Time
8.Bottom Of The Sea
9.Oo-Wee Baby
10.Sunrise (BBC)

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