Snakebite II

Cd 1 :
1.Otis Rush – All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
2.Buddy Guy – This Is The End (alt.version)
3.Shakey Juke – Roll Your Moneymaker
4.Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm – I’m Gonna Forget About You
5.Duke Jenkins – Something Else
6.Otis Rush – Groaning The Blues (take 3)
7.Buddy Guy – The Way You Been Treating Me
8.Betty Everett – My Love
9.Harold Burrage – Messed Up
10.Lee Jackson – I’ll Just keep Walkin’
11.Guitar Shorty – Irma Lee
12.Otis Rush – She’s A Good ‘Un (take 4)
13.Duke Jenkins – Something Else
14.Otis Rush – I Can’t Quit You Baby (take3)
15.Cloude – Rock And Roll Boogie (alt.take)
16.Otis Rush – Little Red Rooster
17.Buddy Guy – You Aure Can’r Do (alt.take)
18.Clarence Jolly – Don’t leave Me
19.Little Willie Foster – Crying The Blues
20.Otis Rush – Three Times A Fool
21.Betty Everett – My Life Depends On You
22.Otis Rush – Double Trouble (take 3)
23.Shekey Jake & Willie Dixon Band – Call Me If You Need Me
24.Ike Turner’s Kings Of Rhythm – I’ve Got To Lose
25.The Calvaes – Fine Girl
26.Harold Burrage – You Eat Too Much
27.Duke Jenkins – The Duke Walks
28.Ike Turner’s Kings Of Rhythm – Matchbox

Cd 2 :
1.Sunnyland Slim – Highway 61
2.Shakey Horton – Have A Good Time
3.Louie Myers -Just Whaling
4.Betty Everett – Killer Diller
5.Morris Pejoe – Screaming And Crying
6.Charles Clark – Row Your Boat
7.Magic Sam – 21 Days In Jail (take 2)
8.Sonny Boy Williamson – Steady Rollin’ Man
9.Freddie Hall – Can This Be Mine ?
10.Arbee Stidham – When I Find My Baby
11.Harold Burrage – I Don’t Care Who Knows
12.Buddy Guy – I Hope You Come Back Home
13.Lee Jackson – Fishin’ In My Pond
14.Memphis Slim – I Wonder What’s The Matter
15.Louie Mayer & The Aces – Bluesy
16.Sunnyland Slim – It’s You Baby
17.Guitar Shorty – You Don’t Treat Me Right
18.Magic Sam – Everything Gonna Be Alright
19.Clarence Jolly – Changing Love
20.Morris Pejoe – Maybe Blues
21.Sonny Boy Williamson – Take Your Hands Of My Pocket
22.Ike Turner’s Kings Of Rhythm – Box Top
23.Arbee Stidham – Meet Me Halfway
24.Betty Everett – Ain’t Gonna Cry
25.Little Willie Foster – Little Girl
26.Shakey Horton – Need My Baby
27.Chales Clark – Hidden Charms
28.Memhis Slim – Best Gal I Ever Had
29.Sunnyland Slim – Eli Toscano Blues

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