Rhythm & Blues

cd 1:
1.Roy Milton: Milton’s Boogie
2.Jesse Thomas:It’s You I am Thinking
3.Wynonie Harris: Teardrops from My Eyes
4.Eddie Boyd: Kilroy Won’t be Back
5.Lowell Fulson: Cold Hearted Woman
6.Joe Turner: Wine-O-Baby
7.Eddie Winson: Gonna Send You Back
8.Lil Armstrong: Joogie Boogies
9.Joe Morris: Beans and Corn
10.Lowell Fulson: Baby Won’t you Jump With Me
11.Joe Turner: Rocket Boogie 88
12.Lowell Fulson: Juke Box Shuffle
13.The Rockets: Big Leg Mama
14.Lee Barnes: Blues For What
15.Mary Deloatch: Straighten Him Out
16.Ivory Joe Hunter: I Like It
17.Joe Turner: Long Down dog
18.Annie Laurie: My Rough And Ready Man
19.Joe Turner: My Gal’s a Jockey
20.Stick McGhee: One Monkey don’t Stop the how

cd 2:
1.Joe Turner: Mad Blues
2.King Porter: Chillin’ Ball
3.Johnny Otis: Goomp Blues
4.Pearl Reaves: You Can’t Stay Here
5.Big Mama Thornton: You Did Me Wrong
6.Honey Brown: Rockin’ and Jumpin’
7.Joe Turner: Sally Zu Zazz
8.Sheri Washington: Ain’t Talking to You Baby
9.Peppermint Harris: The Blues Pick on Me
10.Tony Grimes: Hey Now
11.Paul Bascomb: Mumbles Blues
12.Floyd Dixon: Wine Wine Wine
13.Floyd Dixon: ooh Little Girl
14.Jimmy McCracklin: She Felt Too Good
15.Charlie & Ray: Oh Gee Oh Wee
16.Gene & Eunice: I gotta Go Home
17.Jimmy McCracklin: I Wanna Make Love To Yoy
18.Jewel King: 3*7=21
19.GAS: Seven to Eleven
20.H-Bomb Ferguson: Rock H-Bomb Rock

cd 3:
1.Bobby & Ron: You’re Mine
2.Lula Reed: Sick and Tired
3.The Bees: Tough Enough
4.Rufus Thomas: Easy livin’ Plan
5.Wally Mercer: Rock Around
6.Team Mates: Crazy Baby
7.Buddy Rogers: Mad at You
8.Finney Mo: Shake That Thing
9.Pork Chops: Everything is Cool
10.Buster Brown: Sugar Babe
11.Marty Lewis: Satisfied With My Lovin’
12.Kid Thomas: Wolf Pack
13.Big Boy Groves: I Got a New Car
14.Lord Tennison: The Dance
15.Howlin’ Wolf: Down in the Bottom
16.Lonesome Sundown: Mojo Man
17.Brown & Brooks: Sleeping in an Ocean of Tears
18.Prince Ch.: Come on Home
19.Little Walter: Roller Coaster
20.W.King: Big Leg Woman

cd 4:
1.Elmo Dixon: Forgive Me Baby
2.Doc Gaddy: Evil Man Blues
3.Earl Williams: Let’s Make Love Tonight
4.L.C. Williams: Shout Baby Shout
5.King Perry: Come Back Baby
6.CH. Williams: So Worried
7.J.L. Smith: If It’s Too Late
8.Homesick James: Set a Date
9.Johnnie Fuller: No Moore
10.Nat Cool Cat: Come By Here
11.B.B. Brown: I Weep
12.Elton Anderson: I Love You
13.Harmonica Fats: My Baby Didn’t Come Home
14.Billy Gayles: Do Right Baby
15.Hank Moore: Knock Knee Rooster
16.Baby Curtis: I Wanna
17.Charles Sheffield: It’s your Woodoo Working
18.Charles Walker: You Know It Ain’t Right
19.Garland: Hello Miss Sims
20.Danny Taylor: You Look Bad

cd 5:
1.Rufus Thomas: Decorate The Counter
2.Mr. Google: Oh What a Fool
3.Milt Buckner: Red Red Wine
4.Jimmy Preston: Oh Babe
5.Lemmy Johnson: Eatin’ and Sleepin’ Blues
6.Carl Matthews: Big Man
7.Jimmy Crawford: Till My baby Comes Back
8.Cherri Lynn: Your Money Ain’t No Long Enough
9.Webster & Conroy: Baby Baby
10.Eddie Alston: I Just Can’t Help It
11.Johnny Duke: Oh Oh Mojo
12.Hop Wilson: Chicken Stuff
13.Mr. Bo: I’m Leving This Town
14.Ch. Sheffield: Shoo Shoo Chicken
15.Erline Harris: Long Tall Papa
16.Billy Wright: Man’s Brand Boogie
17.Piano Slim: Lot Of Shakin’ Lot Of Jivin’
18.Harmon Jones: Pack Your Clothes
19.Sandra Grimms: Hallelujah Rock And Roll
20.Duke Jenkins: The Duke Walks

cd 6:
1.Tommy Moore: Your Car Machine
2.Louis Payne: That’s Allright With Me
3.Mr. Sad Head: Sad Head Blues
4.T.J. Fowler: Tell Me What’s The Matter
5.Bob Williams: Talk To Me
6.Leon Tarver: Somebody Help Me
7.Herman Manzy: I’m Your Rockin’ Man
8.King Perry: Everything’s Gonna Be Allright Tonight
9.Wo Woo Moore: Something’s Wrong
10.Jimmie Nelson: Great Big Hunk Of Man
11.Jesse Stone: Runaway
12.Johnny Otis: Court Room Blues
13.Rudy Greene: Wild Life
14.Eddie Riff: My Baby’s Gone Away
15.Jimmy Anthony: Before Day In The Morning
16.Freddie Hall: She’s An Upsetter
17.Lee Christy: My Heart Goes Diddely Bum
18.Mr. Rain: Who Dat
19.Oliver Jones: What I Say
20.Juan Shaw: You Drive Me Crazy

cd 7:
1.The Royals: All Night Long
2.George Jenkins: Shufflin’ Boogie
3.The Kid: Booted
4.Joe McCoy: Hey Loretta
5.Frank Linkenberg: Ball Of Fire
6.Jesse Allen: Love Me Baby
7.Artie Wilson: Tarzan
8.Bill Heyman: I Want My Baby
9.Joe Mcoy: Too Much Going On
10.Larry Hanna: Good Lovin’
11.Blanche Thomas: You Ain’t Such A Much
12.Niteriders: Looking For My Baby
13.John Green: Honey Why
14.Willie Mitchell: Lizzie Lou
15.Paul Kimble: That Big Fat Mama
16.Famous Renegades: Invasion
17.Miss Baker: You’d Better Find
18.Arabians: Dog Wild
19.Billy Graner: Little Schoolgirl
20.Good Guys: Whoa Whoa

cd 8:
1.Frankie Lee Sims: She Likes To Boogie Real Slow
2.Lightnin’ Hopkins: Movin’ Out
3.The Cardinals: Choo Choo
4.Mojo Watson: Look A There
5.The Thrills: I Ain’t Got The Money
6.The 4 Gators: Wine O Wine
7.Billy Miranda: Go Ahead
8.Betty James: I’m A Little Mixed Up
9.Joe Tex: You Upset My Home
10.Sonny Knight: But Officer
11.King Rhythm: Killer Diller
12.Papa Lightfoot: Jumpin’ With Jaris
13.Crusher: I Got To Know
14.Buddy Johnson: Walk The Chalk Line
15.Gus Jenkins: Slow Down
16.Mercy baby: Pleadin’
17.Charles Clark: Hidden Charms
18.Sonny & Jaycee: You keep On Doggin’ Me
19.Lightnin’ Hopkins: I’m Wild About You
20.Bobo Jenkins: Tell Me Who

cd 9:
1.The Silhouettes: Miss Thing
2.The millionaires: Arkansas Jane
3.John Lee: Rhtyhm Rockin’ Boogie
4.Wynona Carr: Touch And Go
5.Eddie Clearwater: A Real Good Time
6.Ricky Charles: Hi Yo Silver
7.Boy Bonner: Running Shoes
8.Bill Broonzy: Little City Woman
9.Johnny Wright: Look At That Chick
10.Jumpin’ Jay: Come On Home
11.Washboard Sam: Never Never
12.Big Maybelle: Rockhouse
13.Model T Slim: Skake Your Boogie
14.J.D. Edwards: Hobo
15.Bobby Long: Jersey City
16.Lousiana Red: Ride On Red
17.Junior Wells: Little By Little
18.Little Willie John: Leave My Kitten Alone
19.Jimmy Liggins: I Ain’t Drunk
20.Sam Myers: You Don’t Have To Go

cd 10:
1.Eddie Burns: Hard Hearted Woman
2.Carrie Grant: Mish Mash
3.Brownie McGhee: Anna Mae
4.Babs Gonzales: House Renta Part
5.Jimmy Liggins: Talking That Talk
6.Babs Gonzales: She’s Just Right For Me
7.Stomp Gordon: The Grind
8.Walkin’ Willie: Blow Little Willie
9.The Sultans: You Got Me Goin’
10.Wynonie Harris: I Want My Fanny brown
11.Varetta Dillard: Them Their Eyes
12.Little Esther: It Ain’t What You Say
13.Esther Willie: Turn The Lights Down Low
14.Amos Milburn: Let Me Go Home Whiskey
15.Eddie Hope: A Fool No More
16.Mister Ruffin: Bring It On Back
17.Tarheel Slim: Number Nine Train
18.Buddy Lucas: Night Train
19.Arthur Grudup: That’s alright Mama
20.Louis Jordan: Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie

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