Otis Spann - The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Cd 1 :
1.Can’t Do Me No Good
2.Bloody Murder
3.Someday Soon Baby
4.Hungry Country Girl
5.My Love Depends On You
7.It Was A Big Thing
8.Temperature Is Rising
9.Dig You
10.No More Doggin’
11.Ain’t Nobody’s Business
12.She Needs Some Loving
13.I Need Some Air
14.Someday Baby

Cd 2 :
1.No More Doggin’
2.No More Doggin’
3.I Need Some Air
6.Blues For Hippies
7.Temperature Is Rising
8.Someday Baby
9.Someday Baby
10.Someday Baby
11.She Needs Some Loving
12.Dig You
13.Dig You
14.She’s Out Of Sight

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