More Finnish Blues

1.Slim Allan & The Aces – Go-Go
2.The Dynaflows – Nothing But Love
3.Bockhill Special – Mellow Saxophone
4.Houserockin’ Fenders – Hard Working Woman
5.Keystone Cops – Dentist Blues
6.Hot Pants – Wanna make Love To You
7J.Leino & The Blues Guys – Can’t Trust Your Neighbor
8.Big.J. & The Crowers – Tell Me hat’s The Reason
9.Deep Blue Divers – Honey, What’s Your Name
10.Downhome Boys – Break ‘Em Down
11.One O’clock Humph – I’m Coming Home
12.Pekka Kokkonen Blues Band – Takin’ Care Of Business
13.The Rhythm Hogs – Hi-Yo, My Silver’s Gone
14.Kingston Mines Blues Gang – First ime Met The Blues
15.Chicago Overcoat – Mean Old Rider
16.Hojas – Greyhound Bus Blues
17.Fullhouse – Mean Old World
18.Honey B. & The T-Bones – Comin’ Home
19.Tortilla Flat – Red Headed Woman
20.Gyan Dookie & Telecaster Combo – Be Careful
21.Sir henrik’s Hot Shots – Like I Did Before
22.Big Town Playboys – San-Ho-Zay

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