Memphis Blues

1.Gus Cannon: My Money Never Runs Out (1927)
2.Beale Street Sheiks: Mr. Crump Don’t Like It (1927)
3.Pearl Dickson: Twelwe Pound Daddy (1927)
4.Frank Strokes: ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do (1928)
5.Tom Dickson: Happy Blues (1928)
6.Furry Lewis: I Will Turn Your Money Green (1928)
7.Furry Lewis: Judge Harsh Blues (1928)
8.Robert Wilkings: Rolling Stone (pt.1, 1929)
9.Robert Wilkings: Rolling Stone (pt.2, 1929)
10.Robert Wilkings: That’s No Way To Get Along (1929)
11.Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Walk Right In (1929)
12.Memphis Jug Band: K.C.Moon (1929)
13.Memphis Jug Band: Cocaine Habit Blues (1930)
14.Joe Calcott: Travelin’ Mama Blues (1930)
15.Jim Thompkins: Bedside Blues (1930)
16.Noah Lewis’ Jug Band: Ticket Agent Blues (1930)
17.Jim Jackson: Hesitation Blues (1930)
18.Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe: Can I Do It For You (1930)
19.Memphis Minnie & Her Jug Band: Grandpa And Grandma Blues (1930)
20.Jack Kelly’s South Memphis Jug Band: Highway no.61 Blues (1933)
21.Allen Shaw: Moanin’ The Blues (1934)
22.Yank Rachel: Sugar Farm Blues (1934)
23.Sleepy John Estes: Need More Blues (1937)
24.Little Buddy Doyle: Renewed Love Blues (1939)

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