Lee Sonny Boy Williamson - Million Years Blues

Cd 1 :
1.Good Morning Schoolgirl
2.Jackson Blues
3.Blues Bird Blues
4.Collector Man Blues
5.Down South
6.Honey Bee Blues
7.Lord, Oh Lord Blues
9.The Right Kind Of Life
10.Low Down Ways
11.Goodbye Red
12.Think By Blues Away
13.Tell Me Baby
14.Good Gravy
15.Thinking My Blues Away
16.Tell Me Baby
17.Bad Luck Blues
18.Good Gal Blues
19.Good Gravy
20.Welfare Store Blues
21.I’ve Been Dealing With The Devil
22.New early In The Morning

Cd 2 :
1.Worried Me Blues
2.Black Gal Blues
3.Frigidaire Blues
4.Suzanna Blues
5.Early In The Morning
6.Sugar Mama Blues
7.Skinny Woman
8.My Little Cornelius
9.Decoration Blues
10.You Can Lead Me
11.Miss Louisa Blues
13.I’m Tired Trucking My Blues Away
14.Beauty Parlor
15.My Baby I’ve Been Your Slave
16.Doggin’ My Love Away
17.Little Low Woman Blues
18.Sugar Mama Blues No.2
19.Good Gal Blues
20.I’m Not Pleasing You
21.Honey Bee Blues

Cd 3 :
1.She Was A Dreamer
2.Decoration Day Blues No.2
3.Western Union Man
4.Springtime Blues
5.War Time Blues
6.Sloppy Drunk Blues
7.Shotgun Blues
8.You Got To Step Back
9.Drink On Little Girl
10.My Baby Made A Change
11.Million Years Blues
12.Broken Heart Blues
13.She Don’t Leave Me That Way
14.Cool And Iceman Blues
15.Springtime Blues
16.I’m Gonna Catch You Soon
17.Blues That Made Me Drunk
18.Come On Baby And Take A Walk

Cd 4 :
1.I’m Gonna Catch Ya Soon
2.Western Union Man
3.Springtime Blues
4.I Have Got To Go
5.My Black Name Blues
6.Black Panther Blues
7.I Have Got To Go
8.Check Up On My Baby Blues
9.Stop Breaking Down
10.Hoodoo Hoodoo
11.Shake The Boogie
12.Elevator Woman
13.Mellow Chick Swing
14.Lacey Belle
15.Apple Tree Swing
16.Sugar Gal
17.No Friends Blues
18.I Love You For Myself
19.Bring Another Half A Pint
20.Southern Dream
21.Better Cut That Out

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