Leadbelly - The Definite

Cd 1 Good Mornig Blues :
1.Good Morning Blues
2.If It Wasn’t For Dicky
3.Leavin’ In The Morning
4.Uncle Sam Says
5.Hitler Song
7.Bring A Little Water, Sylvie
8.Jim Crow Blues
9.Big Fat Woman
10.Black Girl
11.The Blood Done Signed My Name
12.I’ve A Pretty Flowers
13.Blind Lemon (Memorial Record)
14.Leadbelly’s Dance
15.Frankie & Albert (Part 1)
16.Frankie & Albert (Part 2)
17.In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down
18.Corn Bread Rough
19.National Defence
20.Easy Rider
21.New York City
22.Little Sally Walker
23.Goodnight Irene
24.Scottsboro Boys
25.I’m On My Last Go-Round
26.Whoa Back, Buck
27.I’m Alone Because I Love You
28.It’s Tight Like That
29.Well You Know I Had To Do It

Cd 2 Midnight Special :
1.Rock Island Line
3.House Of The Rising Sun
4.Nobody Knows When You’re Down And Out
5.Fannin’ Street
6.Yellow Gal
8.Alabama Bound
9.Sweet Mary
10.Going Back To Mary
11.New Orleans
12.Ha, Ha, This-A-Way
13.Daddy, I’m Coming Back To You
14.Pick A Pale Of Cotton
15.Midnight Special
16.Sukey Jump
17.How Long
18.Leaving Blues
20.Red Cross Store
21.Sail On Little Girl
22.Bull Cow
24.Diggin’ My Potatoes
25.You Can’t Lose Me Cholly
26.Grey Goose

Cd 3 Leaving Blues :
1.Cow Cow Yicky Yea / Out On The Western Plain
2.Noted Rider / Big Fat Woman / Borrow Love & Go
3.John Hardy
4.Meeting At The Building / Talking Preaching / We Shall Walk Through The Valley
5.John Henry
6.Go Down Old Hannah
7.Grasshoppers In MY Pillow
8.Tell Me Baby What Was Wrong With You
9.Don’t You Love Your Daddy No More
10.Stew Ball
11.Mothers’ Blues (Little Children Blues)
12.Salty Dog
13.Titanic (Fare Thee Well)
14.Boll Weevil
15.Take This Hammer
16.Can’t You Line ‘Em
17.Ain’t Going Down To The Well No More
18.Ain’t You Glad
19.Shout On (Honey I’m All Out & Down)
20.Birmingham Jail (Down In The Valley)
21.Bye & Bye When The Morning Comes
22.Po Howard
23.Matchbox Blues
25.Green Corn
26.Backwater Blues
27.The Last Leaving Blues

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