Jimmy McCracklin & Paul Gayten - Roots Of Rhythm & Blues

Jimmy McCracklin
1.The Walk
2.I’m To Blame
3.Minnie Lee
4.Take Care Of Yourself
6.Get Tough
7.Later On
8.Everybody Rock
9.Come On
10.I Know
11.Country Baby
12.He Knows The rules
13.The Wobble
14.I’m Through
15.Hurt Me
16.I’ll Take The Böame
17.One Track Love

The Paul Gayten Band
19.Down Boy
20.Get It
21.Music Goes Round And Round
23.You Better Believe It
24.Mother Roux
25.Tickle Toe
26.Nervous Boogie
27.For You My Love
28.The Sweeper
29.Hot Cross Buns
30.The Hunch

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