I'm Ready The Modern Story

Cd 1 :
1.I’m Ready – John Lee Hooker
2.Stranded In The Jungle – The Cadets
3.Roll, Hot Rod, Roll – Oscar McIellie
4.Be Lovey Dovey – The Rockets
5.The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) – Etta James
6.Don’t Feel Sorry For Me – Jimmy Beasley
7.Cindy – The Cobras
8.Just Get Rid Of Heartache – Shirley Gunter
9.I Told Ya Mama – Jimmy McCracklin
10.You Send Me – Jesse Belvin
11.I Miss You So – Dennis Binder
12.I Wanna Know Why – The Cliques
13.Ever Since You’ve Been Gone – The Hawks
14.Hit Git And Split – Young Jessie
15.Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) – Mervin & Johnny
16.Hey Rube – The Rocketeers
17.Old Man River – Hadda Brooke
18.Church Bells May Ring – The Cadets
19.This Heart Of Mine – Curley Williams
20.Just To Say Hello – Jesse Belvin
21.Number One (My One And Only) – Etta James
22.My Happiness – Jimmy Beasley
23.Every Day And Every Night – Dolly Cooper
24.Wild About You – Elmore James
25.My Desire – The Cilques

Cd 2 :
1.I Want You – The Cadets
2.Eternal Love – Oscar McLollie
3.Little Coquette – Jimmy Beasley
4.The Girl In My Dreams – The Cliques
5.Have Mercy Miss Percy – Long Tall Marvin
6.A Ting A Ling – The Poka-Dotts
7.W-O-M-A-N – Etta James
8.Set My Heart Free – Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns
9.Summertime – Jesse Belvin
10.Teenage Prayer – Dolly Cooper
11.I Will Return – The Cobras
12.Oh Mother, Dear Mother – Jimmy Witherspoon
13.It’s All Over – The Hawks
14.Butter Ball – Marvin & Johnny
15.Don’t Br Angry – The Cadets
16.Cold Chills – The Sounds
17.Headin’ Home – Shirley Gunter & The Flairs
18.I’m In Love With A Girl – The Cliques
19.Jambalaya – Jimmy Bensley
20.Long Tall Woman – Elmore James
21.Be Mine – Curley Williams
22.Good Lookin’ – Etta James
23.Lookin’ For A Woman – John Lee Hooker
24.Mary Lou – Young Jessie
25.Goodnight My Love – Jesse Belvin

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