Howlin' Wolf - Memphis Days

1.Moanin’ At Midnight
2.How Many More Years
3.The Wolf Is At Your Door
4.California Blues
5.California Boogie
6.Look-A-Here Baby
7.Howlin’ Wolf Boogie
8.Smile At Me
9.Getting Old And Gray
10.Mr. Higway Man
11.My Baby Walked Off
12.Drinkin’ C.V. Wine
13.My Troubles And Me
14.Chocolate Drop
15.Everybody’s In The Mood
16.Color And Kind
18.Saddle My Pony
19.Dorothy Mae (Take)
20.Worried All The Time
21.Sweet Woman
22.Well That’s Alright
23.Decoration Day
24.Oh ! Red
25.Stay Here Till My Baby Comes Back

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