Fleetwood Mac & Peter Green - Memories Of

Cd 1 Peter Green :
1.A Fool No More
2.Just Another Guy
3.Six String Guitar
4.Rubbing My eyes
5.Long Way From Home
6.I Like A Hot Tomato
7.Funky Jam
8.Gotta See Her Tonight9.Born On The Wild Side
9.Born On The Wild Side
10.Bullet In The Sky
11.Carry My Love
12.Bad Bad Feeling
13.White Sky
14.Touch My Spirit

Cd 2 Fleetwood Mac :
1.Man Of The World
2.Got To Move
3.Bleeding Heart
4.Buzz Me
5.I Held My Baby Last Night
6.My Baby’s A Good Un
7.How Blue Can You Get
8.My Baby’s Sweet
9.The World Keeps On turning
10.The Dream
11.Don’t Know Which Way To Go

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