Canned Heat - 1969-1999 The Boogie House Tapes vol.2

Cd 1 :
1.Struttin’ That Stuff
2.Go To Utah
3.Hell’s On Down The Road
4.You Tease Me
5.Something’s Gotta Go
6.Please Don’t Bother Me
7.Get Off My Back
8.Saturday Blues
9.Blind Melon
10.Sloppy Drunk
11.Death Bed Blues
12.Sneakin’ Around
13.Get On My Airplene
14.Wolfman’s Blues
15.Seven Up-Boogie (commercial)
16.Seven Up-Blues (commercial)
17.Schlitz Beer (commercial)
18.Levi’s (commercial)
19.Music City (commercial)
20.Smokey The Bear (commercial)
21.Living The Blues (spot)
22.Boogie With Canned Heat (spot)
23.Hallelujah (spot)

Cd 2 :
1.Red Headed Woman
2.24 Hours
3.Turpentine Moan
4.Kid Man Blues
5.Oh Baby
6.JJ Jump
8.Built For Comfort
9.Looking For A Party
10.Dizzy Miss Lizzy
11.Worried Life Blues
13.Gamblin’ Woman
14.Mambo Tango
15.Quiet Woman
16.Creole Queen
17.A Little Time With Me

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