Blues Classics

Cd 1 :
1.Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends – It Comes In Like A Lion
2.Smokey Hogg – Oo-Oo-Wee
3.Amos Milburn – After Midnite
4.Walter Brown – I’m Gotta Get Married
5.Amos Milburn – Blues At Sundown
6.Julia Lee & Her Boy Friend – Don’t Come Too Soon
7.Betty Hall Jones – This Joint’s Too Hip For Me
8.T-Bone Walker – She’s Going To Ruin Me
9.Bis Moten & His Men – Gotta Good Reason For Being Bad
10.Floyd Dixon – Walkin’ And Talkin’ Blues
11.Amos Milburn -My Baby’s Boogying
12.Nelle Lutcher – He’s A Real Gone Guy
13.Floyd Dixon – Empty Stocking Blues
14.King Cole Trio – Sweet Lorraine
15.Jesse Price – My Baby Done Left Me
16.Laura Rucker – Cryin’ The Blues
17.Jay McShann’s Kansas City Stompers – On The Sunny Side Of The Street
18.Floyd Dixon – Wind Blues
19.King Cole Trio – Easy Listening Blues
20.Bis Moten & His Men – Best Friend Blues

Cd 2 :
1.Tommy Douglas – If You Don’t Why Don’t Ya
2.John Lee Hooker – Crying All Night
3Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends – Don’t Save It Too Long (The Money Song)
4.Tiny Kennedy – Sister Flat-Top
5.Floyd Dixon – Blues For Cuba
6.Walter Brown – Hello And Goodbye
7.Lowell Fulson – Chuck With The Boys
8.Amos Milburn – Bad Bad Whiskey
9.Walter Brown – Work Don’t Bother Me
10.Smokey Hogg – I Gotta Ride
11.T-Bone Walker – Too Lazy
12.Floyd Dixon – Hamp’s Gumbo
13.Babs Three Bibps & Bop – Oo-Pa-Pa-De
14.Tommy Douglas – Kickapoo
15.Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends – Tonight’s The Night
16.Tiny Kennedy – It Ain’t No Use
17.Big Moten & His Men – When You Want Chili
18.Walter Brown – Lyin’ Woman Blues
19.Tommy Douglas – Tea For Tommy
20.Tiny Kennedy – Jumpin’ Little Woman

CD 3 :
1.John Lee Hooker – The Story Of A Married Woman
2.Big Moten & His Men – Turn It Over
3.Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends – Oh Chuck It (In A Bucket)
4.Walter Brown -New Style Baby
5.Joe Turner – Miss Brown Blues
6.T-Bone Walker – Stormy Monday
7.King Cole Trio – Don’t Blame Me
8.T-Bone Walker – Hypin’ Woman Blues
9.Amos Milburn – Chicken Shack Blues
10.Joe Turner – I’m Sharp When I Hit The Coast
11.Ella Mae Morse w. Don Rays – The House Of Blue Lights
12.Jay McShann’s Kansas City Stompers – Merry-Go-Round Blues
13.Bis Moten & His Men – It’s Hard To Laugh Or Smile
14.Walter Brown – What Evil Have I Done
15.Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends – Ugly Papa
16.Bis Moten 6 His Men – On The Gravy Train
17.Floyd Dixon – Married Woman
18.Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends – After Hours Waltz
19.Amos Milburn – Money Hustlin’ Woman
20.Li’l Son Jackson – Ticket Agent Blues

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