B.B. King - Everyday I Have The Blues

Cd 1 :
Memphis 1949:
1.Miss Martha King
2.When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes
3.Got The Blues
4.Take A Swing With Me
Memphis 1950 :
5.Mistreated Woman
6.B.B. Boogie
7.The Other Night Blues
8.Walkin’ And Cryin’
Memphis 1951 :
9.My Baby’s Gone
10.Don’t You Want A Man Like Me
11.Questionnaire Blues
12.B.B. Blues
13.A New Way Of Driving
14.Fine looking Woman
15.She’s Dynamite

Cd 2 :
Memphis 1951 :
1.She’s A Mean Woman
2.Hard Workin’ Woman
3.Pray For You
4.Three O’Clock Blues
5.That Ain’t The Way To Do It
6.She Don’t Move Me No More
Memphis 1952 :
7.Shake It Up And Go
8.My Own Fault, Darlin’
9.I Gotta Find My Baby
10.You Know I Love You
11.Woke Up This Morning (My Baby’s Gone)
Los Angeles 1953 :
12.You Upset Me Baby
Houston 1953 :
13.Please Love Me
14.Blind Love
15.Woke Up This Morning

Cd 3 :
1.When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
2.Whole Lotta Love
Los Angeles 1955 :
3.Everyday I Have The Blues
Los Angeles 1956 :
4.Sweet Little Angel
5.Early Every Morning
6.You Don’t Know
7.Did You Ever Love A Woman
8.Bad Luck
9.Ten Long Years
10.Crying Won’t Help You
11.On My Word Of Honor
12.Sweet Little Angel
Los Angeles 1955 :
13.Everyday I Have The Blues

Cd 4 (1984, Cannes) :
1.B.B.’s Theme
2.Why I Sing The Blues
3.Darling You Know I Love You
5.All Over Again
6.Everyday I Have The Blues
7.Sweet Little ngel

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