B.B.King - Electric Blues

Cd 1 Singin’ The Blues :
1.Please Love Me
2.You Upset Me Baby
3.Every Day I Have The Blues
4.Bad Luck
5.3 O’clock Blues
6.Blind Love
7.Woke Up This Morning
8.You Know I Love You
9.Sweet Little Angel
10.Ten Long Years
11.Did You Ever Love A Woman
12.Grying Won’t Help You
13.Boogie Rock (House Rocker)
14.Let’s Do The Boogie
15.Dark Is The Night (Part 1)
16.Dark Is The Night (Part 2)

Cd 2 The Blues :
1.Why Do Things Happen To Me
2.Ruby Lee
3.When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
4.Past Day (Don’t Have To Cry)
5.Boogie Woogie Woman
6.Early In The Morning
7.I Want To get Married
8.That Ain’t The Way To Do It
9.Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
10.Don’t You Want A Man Like Me
11.You Know I Go For You
12.What Can I Do
13.You’ve Been An Angel
14.Be Careful With A Fool
15.Don’t Look Now But You Got The Blues
16.Days Of Old

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