Anthology Of British Blues Vol.2

1.Cyril Davis & The All Stars – Someday Baby
2.Jeff Beck & The All Stars – Steelin’
3.Jimmy Page & The All Stars – L.A.Breakdown
4.Jeff Beck & The All Stars – Chuckles
5.Jimmy Page & The All Stars – Down In My Boots
6.Nicky Hopkins & The All Stars – Piano Shuffle
7.Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page – Miles Road
8.Santa Barbera Machine Head – Porcupine Juice
9.Santa Barbera Machine Head – Albert
10.Santa Barbers Machine Head – Rubber Monkey
11.Stuff Smith – Howlin’ For My Darling
12.Albert Lee & Tony Colton – The Next Milestone
13.Earl Vince & The Valiants – Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked Tonite
14.Dave Kelly – New Death Matter
15.Jo-Ann Kelly – Backwater Blues
16.Rod Steward – So Much To Say
17.Dave Kelly – Married Woman Blues
18.Albert Lee – Water On My Fire
19.Jo-Ann Kelly – Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pocket
20.Dave Kelly – Alabama Woman
21.Albert Lee – Crosstown Link
22.Dave Kelly – All Night Long
23.Simon & Steve – Down And Dirty
24.Rod Steward & P.P.Arnold – Come Home Baby

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