Albert Järvinen - Let It Roll

Cd 1 :
1.Let It Roll
2.Duke Brothers Live At Taxman’s Paradise
3.It’s Only Love
4.Don’t Lie To Me
6.Song For The Sons
8.Tribute To Pidgeon
9.The Tribe
10.Mirror Tower
11.I’d Rather Go Blind
12.Wrapping Paper
13.Like A Star (Shining Down On Me)
14.Peace And Harmony
15.I Love You Anyway

Cd 2 :
1.China Town
2.It Ain’t What You Do
3.Bye Bye Birdie
5.Heads Off
6.Rock’n Roll Hoochie Koo
8.Into The Blues
9.It’s Only Love (L)
10.Mercury Blues (L)
11.Nadine (L)
12.Let It Roll (L)
13.Albert’s Boogie (L)
14.Braindamage-Or Still Alive (L)

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