Areha Franklin - Unforgettable

A Tribute To Dinah Washington
Blues Box nr.10
New York 1964
2.Cold, Cold Heart
3.What A Difference A Day Makes
4.Drinkin Again
5.Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning
6.Evil Gal Blues
7.Don’t Say You’re Sorry Agan
8.This Bitter Earth
9.If I Sould Lose You
11.Lee Cross

Billie Holiday - Sings Her Favorite Blues Songs

1.Lover Come Back To Me
2.A Fine Romance
3.What A Little Moonlight Can Do
4.Blue Moon
5.Strange Fruit
7.Stormy Weather
9.All Of Me
11.I Don’t Want To Cry Anymore
12.I Cried For You (It’s Your Turn To Cry Over Me)
14.Body And Soul
15.God Bless The Child
16.Lover Man
17.Travelin’ Light
18.Autumn In NY
19.Stormy Blues
20.My Man

Blind Boy Fuller - Get Your Yas Yas Out

1.Catman Blues
2.Rag Mama Rag
3.Lost Lover Blues
4.Prcious Lord
5.Shake It Baby
6.When You Are Gone
7.Boots And Shoes
8.Homesick And Lonesome
9.I Want Some Of Your Pie
10.Get Your Yas Yas Out
11.Step It Up And Go
12.Weeping Willow
13.Trucking My Blues Away
14.Funny Feeling Blues
15.Pistol Slapper Blues
16.Heart Ease Blues
17.Jivin’ Woman Blues
18.Sweet Honey Hole
19.Jitterbug Rag
20.Untrue Blues
21.Big Leg Woman Gets My Pay
22.Rattlesnakin’ Daddy

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells - First Time I Met The Blues

1.BG – We’re Ready
2.BG – This Is The End
3.BG – First Time I Met The Blues
4.BG & JW – Hoodoo Man
5.BG – You ure Can’t Do
6.JW – Cha Cha In Blues
7.BG – Sit And Cry
8.JW – Little By Little
9.BG & JW – Country Girl
10.JW – I Could Cry
11.BG – Try To Quit You
12.BG – Lawdy! Lawdy!
13.JW – ‘Bout The Break Of Day
14.JW – Junior’s Wail
15.BG & JW – In My Younger Days
16.JW – Ao All Alone
17.JW – Cut That Out
18.BG – We’re Ready – Finale

Buddy Guy - Blues Singer

Blues Box nr.25
Missisippi 2003
1.Hard Time Killing Floor
2.Crawlin’ Kingsnake
3.Lucky Man Blues
4.Can’t I See Baby
5.I Love The Life I Live
6.Louise McGhee
7.Moanin’ And Groanin’
8.Black Cat Blues
9.Bad Life Blues
10.Sally Mae
11.Anna Lee
12.Lonesome Home Blues

Buddy Guy - Slippin' In

1.I Smell Trouble
2.Please Don’t Drive Me Away
4.Shame, Shame, Shame
5.Love Her With A Feeling
6.Little Dab-A-Doo
7.Someone Else Is Steppin’ In (Slippin’ Out, Slippin’ In)
8.Trouble Blues
9.Man Of Many Words
10.Don’t Tell Me About The Blues
11.Cities Need Help

Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea

1.Done Got Old
2.Baby Please Don’t Leave Me
3.Look What All You Get
4.Stay All Night
6.She Got The Devil In Her
7.I Gotta Try You Girl
8.Who’s Been Foolin’ You
9.It’s A Jungle Out There

Duane Eddy - Top Tracks

1.Rebel Rouser
4.Last Date
7.The Marauder
8.The Feud
9.Do It
10.The High Lonesome
11.Rebel Soul
12.Wish I Were With You
13.A Fast Friendly Frolic On The Farm
14.The Restless Pack
16.Laughing Guitar

Earl Hooker - An Introduction To

1.Blues Guitar
2.Swear To Tell The Truth
3.Blues In D Natural
4.w/Junior Wells – Galloping Horses A Lazy Mule
5.w/Junior Wells – Universal Rock
6.Rockin’ With The Kid
7.Rockin’ Wild
8.How Long Can This Go On
9.These Cotton Pickin’ Blues
10.The Leading Brand
11.Reggie Guitar Boyd – Nothing But Good
12.Big Moose & The Jams – The Bright Sounds
13.Big Moose & The Jams – Off The ook
14.Magic Sam – Square Dance Rock Parts 1 & 2

Earl Hooker - Simply The Best

1.w/Muddy Waters – You Shook Me (1961)
2.Frog Hop (1956)
3.Tanya (1962)
4.w/John Lee Hooker – Messin’ Around With The Blues (1969)
5.Drivin’ Wheel (1969)
6.Sweet Home Chicago (1969)
7.Sweet Black Angel (1969)
8.w/Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry – When I Was Drinkin’ (1969)
9.Universal Rock (1969)
10.Don’t Have To Worry (1969)
11.Come To Me Right Away, Baby (1969)
12.Hookin’ (1969)
13.You Got To Lose (1969)
14.w/Johnny Big Moose Walker – Would You Baby (1969)
15.w/Johnny Big Moose Walker – The Sky Is Crying (1969)
16.w/Andrew Voice Odom – They Call It Stormy Monday (1969)
17.w/Andrew Voice Odom – Farther Up On The Road (1969)
18.w/Charles Brown – Drifting Blues (1969)
19.w/John Lee Hooker – If You Miss ‘Im, I Got ‘Im (1969)

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