Albert Collins - At The El Mocambo Club

(L) Toronto Canada 1973
2.All About My Girl
3.I’ve Got A Mind To Travel
4.Things That I Used To Do
6.Wah Heat
7.Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me
8.Cold Tremor
9.Johnny B. Cool

Albert Collins - Live

1.You’re So High
2.You Accuse Me
3.I Get The feeling
4.Angel Of Mercy
5.Icy Blue
6.The Trouble Was Money
7.Playing With My Mind
8.Too Many Dirty Dishes
9.The Things I Used To Do
10.Black Cat Bone

Albert Collins - Live At The Filmore West

1.Introduction Instrumental
2.How Blue Can You Get
3.Thaw Out
4.So Tired
6.Deep Freeze
7.Baby What Do You Want Me To Do ?
8.Mustang Sally

Arthur Big Boy Crudup - Mean Ol' Frisco

1.Mean l’ Frisco
2.I’m In The Mood
3.That’s All Right
4.Standin’ At My Window
5.Angel Child (Take 1)
6.Katie Mea
7.Look At Yonder Wall
8.Dig Myself A Hole
9.If I Get Lucky
10.Death Valley
11.I Love Just The Same
12.Angel Child (Take 2)
13.Rock Me Mama
14.Ethel Mae
15.My Mama Don’t Allow Me

Arthur Crudup - Everything's Allright

1.Hey Mama, Everything’s All Right (1947)
2.Ethel Mae (1946)
3.You Got To reap (1946)
4.That’s All Right (1946)
5.Train Fare Blues (1947)
6.Katie May (1947)
7.So Glad You’re Mine (1946)
8.Cudup’s After Hours (1946)
9.Crudup’s Vicksburg Blues (1947)
10.Just Like A Spider (1947)
11.Roberta Blues (1947)
12.That’s Why I Am Lonesome (1947)
13.Dirt Road Blues (1945)
14.I Don’t Know (1946)
15.Chicago Blues (1946)
16.I Want My Lovin’ (1946)

Big Bill Broonzy - Big Bill Blues

Blues Box vol.2
1951-1952 , Paris
1.Big Bill Blues
2.Hey Hey Baby
3.Feein’ Low Down
4.House Rent Stomp
5.Make Me Getaway
6.John Henry
7.Feelin’ Low Down
8.Black, Brown & White
9.Blues In 1890
10.Willie Mae Blues
11.Guitar Shuffle
12.In The Evening
13.What I Used To Do
14.Lonesome Road Blues

Billy Boy Arnold - Live At The Venue

1.Night Before Last
2.It Ain’t Right
4.I Ain’t Got You
5.Dirty Motherfuyer
6.Prisoner’s Plea
7.Mary Bernice
8.Trust My Baby
9.Ooh Wee
10.Riding The El
11.Me And Piney Brown
12.Shake Your Boogie
13.I Wish You Would
14.Blues Before Sunrise

Black River Bluesman & The Croaking Lizard - Rat Bone

1.Ride No More
2.A Mighty Good Day
3.Rat Bone
4.You Can Stay Right Here, Baby
6.Cardboard And Plastics
7.You Can’t Sit Here
8.You’re Wrong Again
9.Too Long
10.Croaking Lizard

Black River Bluesman - Not A Dog-gone Thing

1.Messin’ With The Hook
2.Burnin’ Off Ticks
3.Gone For Good
4.Two Cats’ Blues
6.Krong Theep Bar Blues
7.Hair Of The Dog
9.All Them Blues
10.Not A Dog-gone Thing

Blind Blake - Georgia Bound

1.West Coast Blues
2.Goodbye Mama Moan
3.Notoriety Woman lues
4.Georgia Bound
5.Dome On Boys Let’s Do That Messin’ Around
6.Walkin’ Across The Country
7.Southern Rag
8.Rumblin’ And Ramblin’ Boa Constrictor Blues
9.Fighting The Jug
10.Too Tight Blues (No. 2)
11.Chump Man Blues
12.Guitar Chimes
13.Rope Stretchin’ Blues (Part !)
14.No Dough Blues
15.Diddle Wa Diddle
16.That Lovin’ I Crave
17.Skeedle Loo Doo (Part 2)
18.Leavin’ Gal Blues
19.Police Dog Blues
20.Sea Board Stomp
21.Depression’s Gone From Me Blues
22.Slippery Rag
23.One Time Blues

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